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%100 Orijinal Deri
Yüksek Bel
Cep Detaylı
Açılabilir Deri Kaplama Çıt Çıt Detaylı 


Lütfen sipariş vermeden önce her modele özgün olarak hazırlanmış beden tablosunu kontrol ediniz.


Siparişleriniz 1-7 iş günü içerisinde hazırlanacaktır.


Colour: Brown
  • Body Waist basin Size
    36 68 Wide Pleated 73
    38 72 Wide Pleated 73.5
    40 76 Wide Pleated 74
    42 80 Wide Pleated 74.5
    44 84 Wide Pleated 75
    46 88 Wide Pleated 75.5
    48 92 Wide Pleated 76
    50 96 Wide Pleated 76.5
    52 one hundred Wide Pleated 77
  • Leather is a natural product; Visible color, porosity, thickness differences and scratches are proof that the leather is genuine leather and are not accepted as complaints by the manufacturer.

    • It is not recommended to be worn in the rain.
    • Do not store in a plastic bag for a long time.
    • Keep away from excessive sun and heat sources.
    • Use straps suitable for shoulders.
    • Do not wear while sitting and driving for a long time, definitely leave the front zipper and button open.
    • If you are exposed to rain on bound (Zig) leather, wipe it with a dry and soft cloth and let it dry at room temperature.
    • Clean the water-based stains on your clothes by rubbing the product on itself. Do not handle oil-based stains. The skin will absorb and destroy the oil over time. Ink stains are never cleaned.
    • Have your soiled or stained clothing cleaned only by certified specialist cleaners.
    • Since the skin is shaved during processing, the remaining shaving powders can get on your clothes on leather without skin (Suede-Nubuck).
    • During use, darkening may occur on the neck, arm ends and pocket mouths that come into contact with the skin of the consumer, this does not mean that the skin is defective.
    • Prolonging the beautiful appearance and life of your leather clothing depends entirely on your compliance with the terms of use and care.

    How Should I Iron?

    For bound (zig) skins only;

    • The ironing cloth should be clean and match the color of the skin.
    • Do not use a dark cloth on a light color.
    • The temperature of your iron should be suitable for the cloth you are using.
    • You can iron your leather garment after laying it on the ironing board with the front side up and putting the ironing cloth on it.
    • Do not keep the iron in the same place for a long time while it is on your clothes.
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